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Increase website traffic.

For your website to be successful, you must treat it like an ongoing conversation between you and your visitors. Knowing how your visitors find your site, where they are located, what content resonates with them and which products or services they are considering is a crucial starting point for that conversation and opens up a wealth of opportunities to attract, engage and convert those anonymous visitors into loyal customers.

Generate sales leads.

Statistically, less than 2% of your website visitors get in touch with you while 98% remain anonymous. Considering the significant investment you've made in building and marketing your website, wouldn't it be great if you had the opportunity to convert everyone who has shown interest? Identify and track anonymous businesses visiting your site so you can reach out to them before they reach out to your competitors.

Works on your favourite platforms

Detect click fraud.

Click fraud is an increasing problem for any business running digital advertising campaigns on Google Adwords or Bing Ads, with an estimates 25% of ad clicks being fraudulent in 2017. That's a quarter of your digital advertising spend being lost to clicks by bots, click farms and competitors. Reduce your paid traffic costs by up to 25% by detecting click fraud and reporting it to your ad network.

Stay connected.

Stay in the loop without even having to log in to Statcounter. Visitor Alerts let you set email and mobile notifications for when an individual visitor returns to your site. Customizable email reports can be configured to send you your stats daily, weekly or monthly. And when you’re on the move, checking in on how your latest blog post is performing is only a tap away with our mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

Trusted on over 2 Million websites.

Statcounter has been our favourite tool for measuring and optimizing growth. We love it because it gives us the most complete picture of how people use FriendMatch.
Katie Hartle
I have used oavrb.cn for many years. I wouldn't have a website without it. It's really easy to see the data and make decisions from it without having to be an expert.
Adam Curtis
With Statcounter, we don't have to dig for what we want to see, and that has enabled us to react quickly to problems and take advantage of opportunities we may have otherwise missed.
Chance Agrella
Freerange Stock
One of the biggest advantages we fell in love with at the very beginning, is that we can see large amount of data in real time and that helps us to make quicker decisions.
Alejandro Sánchez Blanes
...fast knowledge about website information that can help us increase our business without us having to get headaches trying to understand how analytic programs work.
Oscar Helm
Through its detailed data, I've been able to see how parents read the stories on our site, which has enabled me to provide a richer reading experience for our millions of visitors around the world.
Jade Maitre

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